Back at it! "NYC Lullabye"

Wear headphones!
Live off the floor
Sorted out some ground loop issues
Been sorting through sounds for so may weeks I’ve almost forgotten how to play my tunes.
Source Audio Nemesis and Ventris = amazing!
Started the process of adding all new tones/effects into song format.
Singing softly due to elderly neighbors. Have to be respectful.

Dedicated to the memories of living in NYC, the people I knew and know, the good and the bad times. I miss it all!

"NYC Lullabye"

Untitled Recording 09 #9 #9 #9 ...

Working with the Source Audio Nemesis delay, Boss RE-20 Space Echo and Empress Tape Delay + new, second amp.

Line out to 3 channels on my mixer.

A little noise in right channel due to lack of XLR input so have to go from amp line out to 1/4” on small, 4 channel mixer.

Soundscape to go under filming I’m working on.

*Wear stereo headphones for best results*

The Circus Comes to Town

Messing with the Omnichord last session, looking for ideas,
Untitled until this morning
Trailer for the new Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix, one of my favorite characters by one of my favorite actors inspired the title
Needs to be expanded on
Maybe some vocals added
A chord change

The Circus Comes to Town


Brian Eno on Apollo

Loving this and of course it gives me new ideas for my Omnichord.

A little Wet, A Little Dry

Been set up to run a basic “wet/dry” system, but haven’t been using it to full effect.
Did some experimenting and ran through some basic chord changes and sounds.
I’ll never go back!
All credit due to what I’ve learned from @that_pedal_show
Thanks to @jhspedals
Definitely wear stereo headphones for this…

The Main Event

Live off the floor
Reading the words off the page
Super sloppy, but will be developed
Started as a spoken word in the first take… this one turned into sing song… will develop it as a spoken word.
The usual… quiet singing ‘cause neighbors
From acoustic guitar to pedal board to amp, amp volume = zero out to mixer (headphones) to computer
Learning to use suppression/master in my mix downs. Helpful suggestions are always welcome.

The Main Event

We throw the switches in grade B movies
Creating random images under red lighting
Where male and female beauties have naked lunch on daisy trains
With a criss cross of mouths and a camp sensibility
With good nights and thank yous and flowers
From behind omnipresent sunglasses
We leave them softer and more confused, but still elegant
We leave them tired of self-centered love

For the main event

For the sheer sake of noise

Sometimes, while stepping away from songwriting mode, I like to simply make all the noise possible with the guitar and pedal board. It helps me find ideas for passages between songs, middle song breakdowns or soundscapes under spoken word. It’s easy to get lost in it all, I could do this all day, but then I might look up to find the house empty and a “Dear John” letter from my girlfriend… which would be concerning because my name isn’t John.


Mic check!

A simple, two chord jamm to work on a vocal turns into a mic check…
Mic’d the amp rather than run line out from amp to mixer
In search of tone
That’s all… trying a few things/effects with amp mic’d (Shure 57 of course)


New York City Sun

Found something that works
Grabbed some lyrics
jammed it out
Live off the floor
Had to sing quiet because neighbors
Lost it on that first ‘chorus’
Needs something in the middle
Tempo? great? too slow?
Been considering an LR Baggs M80 pickup for this guitar
Missing NYC
Wear stereo headphones for best listening

Some people blend into the avenue grime
With extreme leisure and elements of style
Generous with the Gin they contort their face
In some circles more terrifying than violence

And from the palm of their hand, in the cover of night
Their full-frontal nudity was just another innocent get-together
In their mind
In their mind, but not in their heart

On a New York City sunrise
New York City’s in your eyes
New York City
New York City Sun
New York City showdown
New York City countdown
New York City
New York City Sun

On a silver burning plasma craft
Even the aliens watch the 57 channels
Searching for a world beyond
Thinking all this shit
All this shit must stop

Doll-babies Come Home (New York City Lullabye)

Long jamm
Searching for sounds
Found something interesting so reached over and hit Record
Preproduction for future studio recording and live performance
Lazy Saturday afternoon
Patio door open
Jazz band playing across the street
Wasn’t planning to add a vocal
Live off the floor.
Have to sing quietly ‘cause neighbours and sweetheart napping in the other room. All else straight from amp to mixer to computer.
Click of pedals
Creak of the office chair
Sounds like a piano mixed in. There was no piano mixed in. All acoustic guitar.
All live, looped guitar and percussion.
Better wear stereo headphones or it’ll blow up your computer speaker. God, please no earbuds.
Hmmm… some muted trumpet, an actual cello, a piano…

Doll-babies Come Home (New York City Lullabye)

When they left the theater
They gathered a peculiar crowd
Screamed supercharged divergent themes
Based on hype
Spreading mouth to mouth
Mouth to mouth
Mouth to mouth

A Marilyn Monroe look-alike steps forward and approaches
Smoked glass windows
She’s selling supercharges
She’s selling a pure form of breakdown
It’s ok to breakdown

Several men dressed as ladies
Sour from the glitter
They’re drifting from break ups to Break downs
Coping with blood shot eyes
Blood shot eyes
Blood shot eyes


Soundscape for my Waiting for the Maniacs tune
A soundtrack waiting for a film
Sans vocal
Searching for sound
Searching for textures
Haunted… Haunted is what I do
Acoustic guitar
Omnichord plays a role.
Fill the room with sound

Monster Sketch 42

Quick sketch, live loop for a future song…
6 minutes, jamm it out
Quick home recording
Mixer out to laptop
Make mitsakes, see what comes of it
Gotta write lyrics
All acoustic, Even when it doesn’t sound like it
Love that Space Echo at the end (Boss RE-20)
Sounds shitty on a laptop speaker
Wear STEREO HEADPHONES for best listening