Photo by Heather Cashmore

Photo by Heather Cashmore

Mitchell Parsons

Calm the Monster is a passion project, art project, long time coming project by musician, artist, free thinker, mitchell parsons.

Musician, artist, Designer, Photographer, Free-Thinker… a Spiritual being having a Human experience… Dawson Creek to Victoria to ᴚƎΛ∩OϽN∀Λ to Montreal to New York City (Bronx Little Italy)… Canadian born, a new yorker at heart…

He throws the switches in grade B movies creating random images under red lighting
Where male and female beauties have naked lunch on daisy trains
With a criss-cross of mouths and a camp sensibility
With good nights and thank yous and flowers
From behind omnipresent sunglasses leaves them softer and more confused, but still elegant
He leaves them tired of self-centred love

For the main event

To those that have been an influence musically, artistically, intellectually. It’s a long list, but here’s a few…
(In no particular order)
David Bowie - Leonard Cohen - John Lennon - Alexander McQueen - Lou Reed - Jean-Michel Basquiat - Andy Warhol - Albert Watson - Mike Garson - Brian Eno - Daniel Lanois - Bob Lazar/George Knapp - Nicola Tesla - Elon Musk - William Burroughs - Radiohead - Suede - St. Vincent…