New York City Sun

Found something that works
Grabbed some lyrics
jammed it out
Live off the floor
Had to sing quiet because neighbors
Lost it on that first ‘chorus’
Needs something in the middle
Tempo? great? too slow?
Been considering an LR Baggs M80 pickup for this guitar
Missing NYC
Wear stereo headphones for best listening

Some people blend into the avenue grime
With extreme leisure and elements of style
Generous with the Gin they contort their face
In some circles more terrifying than violence

And from the palm of their hand, in the cover of night
Their full-frontal nudity was just another innocent get-together
In their mind
In their mind, but not in their heart

On a New York City sunrise
New York City’s in your eyes
New York City
New York City Sun
New York City showdown
New York City countdown
New York City
New York City Sun

On a silver burning plasma craft
Even the aliens watch the 57 channels
Searching for a world beyond
Thinking all this shit
All this shit must stop