The Main Event

Live off the floor
Reading the words off the page
Super sloppy, but will be developed
Started as a spoken word in the first take… this one turned into sing song… will develop it as a spoken word.
The usual… quiet singing ‘cause neighbors
From acoustic guitar to pedal board to amp, amp volume = zero out to mixer (headphones) to computer
Learning to use suppression/master in my mix downs. Helpful suggestions are always welcome.

The Main Event

We throw the switches in grade B movies
Creating random images under red lighting
Where male and female beauties have naked lunch on daisy trains
With a criss cross of mouths and a camp sensibility
With good nights and thank yous and flowers
From behind omnipresent sunglasses
We leave them softer and more confused, but still elegant
We leave them tired of self-centered love

For the main event