A little Wet, A Little Dry

Been set up to run a basic “wet/dry” system, but haven’t been using it to full effect.
Did some experimenting and ran through some basic chord changes and sounds.
I’ll never go back!
All credit due to what I’ve learned from @that_pedal_show
Thanks to @jhspedals
Definitely wear stereo headphones for this…

For the sheer sake of noise

Sometimes, while stepping away from songwriting mode, I like to simply make all the noise possible with the guitar and pedal board. It helps me find ideas for passages between songs, middle song breakdowns or soundscapes under spoken word. It’s easy to get lost in it all, I could do this all day, but then I might look up to find the house empty and a “Dear John” letter from my girlfriend… which would be concerning because my name isn’t John.